Crude Oil Price Increase Adding More Subsidy Burden

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The Indonesian ESDM vice Minister Rudi Rubiandini on Friday said that the Indonesian Crude Price (ICP) assumption for the 2013 state budget has been exceeded which will affect the amount of subsidy the Government needs to allocate to pay for the fuel. Every increase of USD 10 in the ICP, the Government must cough up extra USD 2 billion subsidy money which would have been better spent on other areas. The ICP assumption... 

All Gas Production From Kangean Gas Field Will Only Be For Domestic Consumption

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Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Rudi Rubiandini stressed that all gas production from existing gas fields in East Java province is allocated entirely for domestic consumption. This reinforces the government’s commitment to prioritize the domestic market requirements for natural gas than for export. “What Kangean Energy does is a significant step in East Java, just when industries demand additional... 


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