17 BMP-3F Russian Tanks for Indonesian Navy for USD 50 million

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

17 Russian made BMP-3F amphibian tanks will strengthen the Indonesian Navy Marine Corps.

The ceremonial handover of the 17 unit amphibious tanks were done in Situbondo, East Java, from Russian Government to the Indonesian Minister of Defense Purnomo Yusgiantoro on Saturday (11/12/10).

Once handed over to Minister of Defense, the tanks will go to the Navy Marine Corps as the end user.

Earlier, Commander of Marine Corps Maj. Gen. (Mar) Aflan Baharudin said the addition of 17 amphibious tanks from Russia would further strengthen the ranks of purple beret corps he lead.

The Russian tanks wil add the much needed fire power

“In addition to 17 units of amphibious tanks, there is also a car garage for repair. Altogether the units were transported from Russia to Indonesia using Russian commercial cargo ships. Arriving at around 19:00 pm November 26, 2010 “he said.

Alfan added, upon arriving at the Ujung Surabaya Pier the amphibious tank unit undergo functional testing to ensure that all equipment is operating properly.

“Functional test was performed in Surabaya and Karang Tekok Marine Combat Training Centre in Sitobondo.” he said.

Currently, the average Marines primary weapon system readiness tool (defense equipment), including combat vehicles are about 60 to 70 percent.

“Pretty good, but there are still some very old equipment that need to be replaced to maximize the deterrent effect and our combat power,” he said.

About USD 50 millions were allocated for the purchase was reached Rp455 billion. The initial contract calls for 20 amphibious tanks but due to price increase only 17 were finally purchased.

Marine Corps currently has about 400 tanks some of it is not operation worthy. Some of the tanks that can still be repaired will be repaired. While some will probably be scrapped and grounded, says Alfan.

The BMP-3 series is a Russian amphibious infantry fighting vehicle, successor to the BMP-1 and BMP-2, which entered service with the Soviet army in 1987 and was first observed by the West in 1990. BMP stands for Boyevaya Mashina Pekhoty or Infantry Combat Vehicle. The BMP-3F is specially designed for operations at sea, with improved seaworthiness and buoyancy whish is perfect for Indonesia mostly oceanic territory. The BMP-3F also has a high fire accuracy at sea force 2 as well as endure continuous amphibious operation for up to seven hours

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