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Posted on May 01, 2013

The Indonesian internet domain registrar Pandi has launched a new second level domain under the .id ccTld for Indonesia on March 1st, 2013. This domain which means village in Bahasa will be available to rural administration which has not been able to own an official domain until now.

Pandi Chairman, Andy Budimansyah said that the was a result of public suggestion to Pandi. “We fully encourage public involvement with regard to .di domain policy” said Budimansyah in its press release.

Village administration can now own an official second level domain

Village administration can now own an official second level domain

The domain is proposed by the Rural Empowerment Volunteer (RPDN) and Rural Development Movement (GDM). The proposal comes about since village as the smallest unit of government is not allowed to use currently enjoyed by municipal and regency. “According to the prevailing minister regulation, domain can only be used by municipality and regencies” explained Budimansyah.

Bayu Setyo Nugroho, one of the village head from Dermaju village, Banyumas, Central Java was one of the GDM activists that propose the new domain during open discussion with Pandi last February. “I hope the launch of encourages village empowerment as communities” said Nugroho.

The pre-registration period which lasted from April 15 to April 27 saw 32 villages from all over the country registered mostly from Java, Sulawesi and Jambi.

Other than this new domain, Pandi also manages other second level domain such as,,,,,,,, and

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