Supreme Court Judge Candidate Nomination May Lose His Nomination For Joking About Rape Victims

Posted on Jan 15, 2013

One of the candidates for the Indonesian Supreme Court Judge is at risk of losing his nomination for joking about rape victims during the selection hearing at the House of Representative.

The fit and proper test conducted by Commission III from the House to finalize the selection out of 12 names proposed by Judiciary Committee. Nomine that have got to this stage have undertaken proficiency test, medical, track records as well as personal opinion. The House will select 4 names out of the 12 to be the Supreme Court Judge for 1 civil judge, 2 criminal judges and 1 for state administration judge.

The candidate named Muhammad Daming Sunusi was recorded to have responded to the House members from PAN, Andi Azhar when asking a question about death penalty for rapist. Sunusi replies that he needs to think about it because “The victim and the rapist are both enjoying it”.

Daming Sunusi

Daming Sunusi (in blue) at the moment is the head of Banjarmasin High Court

Sunusi claimed later on that he was just trying to break the ice, however, the answer outrages some of the House members as well as the public that learned about the incident later on.

According to Sunusi death penalty is something that needs to be considered carefully and he merely has not decided whether the punishment fits for rape cases. “Off course we need to see it case by case, like drugs trafficking, corruption I agree (for capital punishment). But rape cases need more consideration, I just have not provided straight answer yet” says Sunusi.

Sunusi at the moment is the head of Banjarmasin High Court. Now he is not just at risk of losing the nomination because a number of factions at the House already rejected his name, but there are also growing calls for him to be taken off his current position.

Among those is the Child Protection Task Force that came to see the Commission III of the House to urge the Commission to reject Sunusi nomination as well as resign from his position as a judge and apologize.

“This can be considered as harassment of victims. We hear that this attitude is prevalent in courts. His jokes hurt (rape) victim especially that he is a court officer” says M Ihsan said the head of the task force.

Meanwhile the Judiciary Committee is also planning to question Sunusi regarding the incident. The Committee spokesperson Asep Rahmat Fajar said that Sunusi will be called to explain the incident. “The Judiciary Committee is planning to question him (Sunusi) to do with ethic as well as behavior guidelines as a judge” said Fajar.

Three political parties that have confirmed to reject Sunusi nomination are Demokrat Party, PAN and PKS.

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