Andy Leeano Off To Milan Italy On a 51 Years Old Vespa

Posted on Jul 06, 2012

Andy Leeano (37 years old) or as known by his friend as Ifriandi, will be the first Indonesian to journey on a bike from his hometown Yogyakarta in Java, Indonesia to Milan in Italy. The travel will be around 27,000 km and will take six month or up to a year.

The Yogyakarta Mayor Haryadi Suyuti is officiating the start of the trip from the official house of the Mayor.

“I am quite pleased to finally be starting this journey to Italy,” said Andy just prior to departure on Friday. He said he has been preparing for this trip since 2008.

Andy Leeano Off To Milan Italy On a 51 Years Old Vespa

The Mataram Scooter Club and Yogyakarta Indo Scooter Club community members will ride with Andy to the border of Yogyakarta Special Province region and after that Andy will then be heading to Bandung, West Java.

Andy was wearing traditional Yogyakarta batik pants, surjan with lurik and blangkon hat, however, he said that he will change into specially made rider outfit for the trip. “Every time I arrived at a government office, or at Indonesian Embassy in the countries I’m going through, I will be wearing this Yogyakarta traditional clothing,” he said.

Andy who is originally from West Sumatera said that he is wearing the traditional clothing to introduce the distinctive culture of Indonesia, Yogyakarta Province in particular, to residents in countries he is going through.

Andy plans to travel up to 27,000 kilometers from Yogyakarta to Milan for six months with the Piaggio Vespa motorcycle manufactured in 1961. However, he said, it is possible to stretch the time for the journey up to one year if there are constraints such as weather and conflicts in countries he passed.

During the trip in Indonesia, some team members will accompany him to the borders of Malacca in Malaysia and after that he will travel alone to the Milan, Italy.

From Malaysia, Andy will continue the journey through Thailand, Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Iraq, and Turkey to the European continent and end the journey in Italy.

For the trip, Andy vehicle which is older than he is (51 year old) is equipped with additional equipment such as GPS, camera, extra fuel tanks, and speakers to repel wild animals. There are also additional fuel tanks painted red and white placed in the back seat. Two red and white flags and the flag of the countries he will be passed will also be put on the back of the Vespa.

“All the equipment I need will be placed on the fuel tank. Everything is small in size,” he said.

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